Terms and Conditions

We charge $300 as one time campaign set up fees.
All payments are to be made 100% upfront.
Coaches to contact business owner/s instead your internal assisting staff trying to further qualify leads (within 48 hours).
If we generate a lead using your calling list and it does not meet your criteria (turnover, no. of employees etc), the lead can not be replaced. (It is important you send us the qualified calling list).
Calling list provided by you entirely remains your property. It will not be used for any other related or unrelated campaigns.
If a lead is replaced, the original lead is our property; we expect you not to contact the business owner or send info.
If you disqualify a lead, we reserve the right to contact the owner and find out the reasons for not proceeding to an appointment.Leads generated will be emailed to you within 2 hours and we expect you to acknowledge the receipt of all leads. If you feel a lead is not qualified (business owner is not interested), it should be reported with in 72 hours or the lead shall be considered qualified, hence billable.
Normally coaches enjoy 70% diagnostic rate from our leads; the remaining will not proceed for one reason or the other. We will immediately replace all incorrectly qualified leads but not the leads which fail to proceed.
“Sign on” bonus for any lead that becomes a client. The sign on bonus is $100 and can be paid after the client has made their first payment to you. This amount is paid to the marketer who booked the appointment for you.