1. Standard One-on-One coaching leads

Standard leads are very popular and are purchased by majority of coaches/consultants/advisors. Here, the appts are scheduled with prospect meeting following criteria/s-

  • T/O > $ 350K
  • Min 3 F/T
  • Biz is 2 yrs old
  • Prospect is keen to meet a coach and has a PAIN area (Time, Team, Money)
  • Prospect has adequate budget for coaching $2K-$3K per month

A lead is only passed to a coach, if it has mandatory information. For example – Business name, contact name, phone, mobile, email, website, physical address and issues business owner would like to discuss. The pain area/s (TIME/TEAM/MONEY) are clearly identified and written in detail on lead sheet. Business owners are aware that coach will contact them to confirm appointment and send information kit.

We ensure, we build your credibility before you contact them. On an average, a business coach with average conversion can sign up a bare minimum of two clients from a lot of ten.
You can buy min 10 leads in one lot.


2. Group coaching leads (GC)

These leads are with small business owners with turnover less than $350,000. These (SMB’s) have limited budget to invest in One-On-One coaching. GC are with prospects who are either interested in coming for workshops or coach’s office for coaching. These leads are warm-hot but biz owners have limited budget for coaching. You can buy min 10 leads in one lot.



We generate these leads to order. These leads are with bigger businesses with a minimum turnover of 3 million, 8 plus employees and a big marketing budget of $10,000 per month. We expect you to send us a qualified calling list or we are happy to purchase it for you. Generally, our conversion ratio with bigger businesses is less and we charge additional for these leads. In these leads, we go a step further and email business owners your details, appointment date & time and issues coach will discuss in the meeting. We also take your preferred appointment dates, days & suitable timings and make sure all appointments are set at your convenience. These leads are HOT where business owners have a specific “Pain area” and need advice from an expert.
With Customized leads, we go a step further and email a questionnaire to a prospect on your behalf. We get the complete questionnaire filled and report it to you. This helps you understand “THE REAL PAIN” of a “BIZ OWNER” before you contact them.
Further, these leads are qualified by a senior telemarketer (retired Ex Biz Coach) working from home office in Sydney. The quality of there leads is checked by a lead qualifier and we GUARANTEE APPOINTMENTS!!
You can buy a maximum of three leads per lot.


4. Australian B2B complete Database (2017 Version)

We provide you with Australia’s most accurate and detailed B2B database (2017 version). This database is of Businesses around Australia (all states) in thirteen fields. These fields have-

  • Name of the Biz owners
  • Emails
  • Web addresses
  • No. of employees
  • Business Name
  • Contact No’s
  • Turnover
  • Different type of businesses

The database is of all active businesses put in a pen drive.. This pen drive has in-built CRM which helps you to create your own list. For example, if you are a business coach who specializes in coaching “Trades Businesses” with over 3 million turnover and 10 plus employees, you can easily create a list of your own choice.
This database not only helps you to profile your target market but builds in bound traffic of leads. Few coaches use e-mails in this database to send their monthly newsletters and introductory e-mails. This database is one of its kinds and is not available in the market.

  • State
  • Physical Addresses
  • Area Code
  • Post codes
  • ABN

4. E-mail coaching pack

We speak to thousands of business owners every day – while some of them say “YES” to a face-to-face meeting, but many says “NO”. Based on our experience, we know that when a prospect says “NO” to an appointment today, it’s not a NO forever and our telemarketers immediately seek their permission “Will you be interested in receiving some info via email (news letter)?” If a prospect says “YES”, we immediately capture as much info possible and update the XLS spread sheet. (These business owners want to read information before they meet a coach). Every day, these warm prospects are updated on our master data.
Our database of warm prospects grows every day and coaches have had great results from our E-mail coaching pack. From 500 e-mails you buy from us, you can expect at least 1% response. All it costs is $1 to get these often missed out names and e-mail(s) which can also be used for telemarketing, sending e-news letter, coaching workshops, seminars and so on. Once we offer this e-mail data, it becomes your property and is not used for any related or unrelated campaigns. So we not only generate qualified diags but also build your marketing database for future. Where else do you get qualified warm prospects who expressed interest in receiving an email before meeting you?? You can test and measure this by placing an order of 500 mail contacts.


5. Digital Marketing Exclusively for Business Coaches

Coming Soon