We sound like your in-house telemarketing team and make sure one message is communicated to your prospective clients. Our callers identify themselves as working for you. It is important for you to know our Telemarketing script and our in-house structure. This helps you understand how we have approached a business owner and what he knows about coaching. We expect you to have a system to respond to every lead in a timely manner. You can confirm the details within 24 hours, email questionnaire, courier info kit, phone follow up and then final confirmation a day prior to scheduled meeting. From our experience, we have developed a two tier system of generating leads. This helps us in filtering cold leads and only warm to hot leads are passed to you.

First Tier

We take a questionnaire approach where our marketers gauge if the business owner has any area of pain (Time, Team & Money) and meets your criteria. The script used is not to set up an appointment but its a questionnaire approach to asses business pain. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 10 is extremely satisfied; how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with working hours, team, sales, marketing, systems and procedures. If an owner rates anything under 5; he has a pain. Then our marketers immediately say “we represent business coaches around Australia who can help you improve this (pain). If you want, I can organize my senior supervisor to call you and organize a senior coach. If a business owner says “YES”, the questionnaire is passed to senior marketer for second tier.

Second Tier

After analyzing the questionnaires, senior marketers customize their telemarketing script and build rapport with business owner. They identify challenges in the business, personal life, attitude and eagerness of an owner in meeting up with a coach. In the end, we disclose your name, company name, your monthly charges, contact details and your process. The captured information is filled in a ‘lead sheet’ Click here to see a sample. We make sure that you have good credibility built before you contact them.