Simple, please fill in the “Get me started Form” and our accounts manager will contact you within 24 hours. The start date of the campaign may vary from a couple of days to a week; it will really depend on the geography criteria/s and the size of the campaign.

Yes, the leads are exclusive and they are generated only for you. We identify ourselves as working for you (your name)

All our clients get bare minimum of 20% conversion. Many have converted 80%, that’s 4 clients in 5 leads.

By email to the designated email id(s).

We have a three level QC check on our leads.
On floor QC – Done by a verifier/supervisor, to confirm that there are no clerical errors on the file and to make an attempt at the missing information on the file, and also to judge the intent of the homeowner to speak with a Loan Officer.
Paper QC – Done by the Quality dept to check that the leads conform to the criteria of the campaign.
Voice file QC – All our leads are backed by voice logs; we maintain a recording of every lead we generate. There is a dedicated team in our QC department that listens to voice file on every lead to check the accuracy of a lead and content written on the lead by analyzing the voice pattern of the conversation.
Lead Qualifier – Before a lead is emailed, we qualify a lead by analyzing frustrations in the business, no. of decision makers, Turnover, Years in business, no. of employees, first language English, Open to investing in a coach.

Our DNC compliance processes are audited by third party agency periodically.

We will immediately call you and discuss reasons why lead to appointment rate is less. We can mutually decide on replacement leads and understand the problem area.

We have a QC team which checks the leads that we generate and all leads are backed by our unmatched quality and customer service. However, in case a business coach disagrees on authenticity of the lead, we have a very fair and impartial policy to provide with replacements for the disputed leads.

We work on 100% upfront payment model.