Nipun Bansal

Nipun Bansal is a MBA, Marketing from UTS, Sydney. In (2000), in his university days, he started working as a part time Appointment setter for a team of ActionCOACHES in Thornleigh. Working very closely with business coaches, he has hands on experience in generating telemarketing appointments for business coaches.

Nipun always had a passion for SALES and generating qualified telemarketing leads. He displayed a natural curiosity of writing tailor made telemarketing scripts, obtaining specific databases which will get great conversion. To make his interests as his carrier,

How we started Cyrus Group

  • 2001

    Started a Telemarketing

    In 2001, he started a small telemarketing company in Hornsby with 10 seats. The call centre only served Action coaches and Icon Business Advisors in Sydney. That time, we were the only Telemarketing Company, serving business coaches. A marketing company that would do the grunt work and deliver great quality.
    Soon with Word of Mouth publicity, business grew and coaches all around Australia started placing orders. The business was expanding and Nipun saw saw a great potential in setting up a call centre in New Delhi and a head office in Sydney. The idea was to
    generate leads from call centre in India and get them confirmed by senior marketers in Australia.

  • 2005

    Moved to India

    Nipun moved to India and started a bigger call centre in New Delhi. In last two decades, he has served 130 business coaches, generated 100,000 appointments and added 30,000 clients to coaching industry.

  • 2012

    Started a real Broking Company

    He started Cyrus Developers Pvt Ltd, a real estate marketing company. In less than three years, staff strength increased to 200, successfully under-wrote eight residential group housing projects and sold 1200 apartments in Noida extension. Successfully under-written projects are Casa Greens, Mascot, Green Avenue, Vinetia, Habitech Panchtatva and Ekdant FNG.

  • 2015

    Started a Real Estate Development Company

    Nipun formed a real estate development company and is doing two residential projects. Aanandam- Constructing 250 appartments in New Delhi’s R zone and Albaria - eveloping a 72 acre township with 200 luxury villas in Ruderpur. He is also a chairman of Cyrus Multi State Co-operative Group Housing Society. Both real estate projects cater to niche market and have a unique theme attached to it.

  • 2019

    Started Sanatan Radio

    Nipun started a religious radio – Sanatan Radio. The core of the broadcast relies on orienting Indian – Hindu community, especially the youth about Hindu culture, the spiritual scriptures like Vedas, Upnishad’s and the vedic sciences like Yoga, Ayurved and astrology. It promotes events related to peaceful Hindu ideology, culture and encourages establishments which work for the betterment of poor around the world.
    The radio has carved a niche for itself by becoming the only radio station to have reached more than 1 million Hindu households in 40 countries. The radio launch was well covered by 26 leading National newspapers around India. Few of them covered it on front page, next to prime minister of India.

  • 2020

    Expanding Telemarketing Business

    With growing demand of telemarketing leads from business coaches in other countries, Nipun sees a great potential in the chosen line of telemarketing business. There are more than 300,000 business coaches around the world and majority of them need telemarketing leads.
    Nipun intends to further expand his telemarketing business and serve
    business coaches in US, UK, NZ and Canada. To expand telemarketing side of his business, Nipun has added a big team of professional appointment setters around Philippines.