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We Are an Expert Telemarketing Company – Known for Generating Qualified Appointments for business coaches.

Formed in Sydney (2001), our call center is in New Delhi, In the last 20 years, we’ve served 130 business coaches, generated 100,000 Qualified appointments and added 30,000 clients.

We guarantee our campaigns, work on a commission basis, sound like your in-house telemarketing team, build your credibility and Get You In the Right Door.

Working 24/7, 6 days a week. We serve the US, UK, NZ, Canada, and Australia.

With our Hands-On Experience of 20 Years, We Have Learnt The Art To Position Business Coaches.

We Are A Bunch of 50
Sr. Telemarketing Professionals.

We Are Confident, Experienced, Reliable and a well-known brand in the Coaching Industry.

Telemarketing Appointments we Generate

Standard One-on-One

These are MOST popular amongst business coaches.

T/o : $500K to $ 2 Mill
Staff : 3 – 7 F/T’s
Budget - $3K - $5K per month
Status – Warm to HOT leads
Conversion – 20 – 30%

Customized One-On-One

Most suited for Executive Coaches

T/o : $ 2 M plus to $15 M
Staff : 5 – 20 F/T
Budget : $5k to $10K per month
Status : HOT
Conversion : 40% - 60%

Group Coaching Appointments

Most Suited for coaches doing seminars and workshops

T/o : $100K to $500K
Staff : 1 – 3 employees
Status : Hot leads
Budget : $1K per month
Conversion : 30 – 40%

Our Call Centre in New Delhi

  • Based in heart of New Delhi, Our office is wonderful combination of technology, comfort and modern equipment. Built in 15,000 Sq Ft, It’s a State Of Art Facility.
  • Our spacious call centre design, Red & White theme adds to High morale of marketers, improved productivity and reflects our culture.
  • Our teams have big working areas, as well as down times paces where telemarketing teams can relax, interact and share their experiences.


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